Jaisheel Polimera
3 min readAug 25, 2022

In the summer of ’22, I got the opportunity to intern at an established company known as Mactores. It’s known for supplying End-to-End Data Solutions which are labour-saving, quick and reliable. Their philosophy and the fundamentals they follow which are instilled in me are out-of-the-box thinking, greeting challenges, being inquisitive, Initiating, being diligent towards details and many more aspects.

My role in this in this enterprise is of a Cloud Engineer. Cloud Engineers essentially pledge toward creating a safe cloud environment, providing useful services or uptime, constructing and prosecuting standards of cloud services and many more liabilities. My errands were to complete the courses which were assigned to me during this period. The courses were AWS certified Practitioner, AWS Certified Developer Associate and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer Professional. The progress was evaluated with calls on alternative days on the weekdays with the mentor and doubt sessions, we would tell them about how much of our course is completed and when we can complete our certification by. Our mentors would inform us about the cutting-edge technology which is approaching and how to specialise in them. When we are about to complete a certification then we are given section-wise tests, full practice tests which consist of questions which have a contingency to be shown in the main examination. After we are fully prepared and attain the confidence to undergo the examination, we inform our mentor about when we would want to attend the exam.

I believe I have faced them with the sheer determination of doing what is best for my career and also enjoying the process of learning and grasping new information about cloud engineering as I want to become an expert in it. I had a few challenges in between such as the lack of time and some concepts which I couldn’t acquire a full understanding of which I have solved by making flashcards to prepare myself for important topics and asking my helpful mentors for doubts.

I have successfully gotten the knowledge about working with AWS and all the foundational expertise which I would need to ensure that I can perform them in the future. Becoming certified expands my professional networks, builds my resume, can develop professional expertise, and prepare me for a better, and hopefully a better income.