My First Award

Jaisheel Polimera
3 min readApr 30, 2023

On 16th August 2022, I started my internship at an established company known as FutureSoft Pvt Limited. It’s known for supplying End-to-End Data Solutions which are labour-saving, quick and reliable. Their philosophy and the fundamentals they follow and which they have instilled in me are out-of-the-box thinking, greeting challenges, being inquisitive, Initiating, being diligent towards details and many more aspects.

My role in this enterprise is as a Dot.Net Developer. Dot.Net supports both desktop and web-based applications, with most clients preferring web-based apps because they are said to be easier to install, scale, and construct. The Dot.Net program can be coupled with the Microsoft SQL Server database. Other databases provide a Dot.Net plug-in, so you can use them in addition to SQL Server. My errands were Creating text-based applications and testing them on Dot. Net-based applications, creating codes for application access, Identifying and correcting system flaws, Risk assessment, creating process and policy documents to launch apps and creating and tracking various systems for an application. The progress was evaluated by the project heads who used to help me whenever I have queries. Our mentors would inform us about the cutting-edge technology which is approaching and how to specialise in them.

ASP.NET MVC, JQUERY, SQL SERVER, JAVASCRIPT, HTML & CSS, POSTMAN and THREE JS are the skills that I have gained in my internship period till now out of my 10 months internship which will be ending in the month of June 2023.

I believe I have faced them with the sheer determination of doing what is best for my career and enjoying the process of learning and grasping new information about Dot. Net Developing as I want to expertise in it. I had a few challenges in between such as the lack of time and some concepts which I couldn’t acquire a full understanding of which I have solved by using the help of basic textbook solutions which I would interpret and apply in the given tasks and asking my helpful mentors for doubts.

I was a part of 4 successfully accomplished projects in my internship period, where projects are FS Daily Tracker, Digital Card, Nesternship and FS RAS, and I especially want to mention a project called Nesternship in which our clients can edit, add and delete Information which has to be showcased in the app.

I received a prestigious award for my performance as an intern, the award is named Emerging Intern of the Quarter, I achieved it for my outstanding performance and hard work for the period of January to March 2023.